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Oil Refining Plant

Big capacity edible oil process plant is used to produce Grade one oil and Grade two oil by big oil factory . Oil refining plant is used to produce the following oil: peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cotton seed oil, rice bran oil etc.


The full set of equipment is more simple operation and maintenance when it comes to industry handling and therefore, we offer you oil refining plant. This plant is efficient to product the filtration process of oil refining. It helps in the conversion of oil to oil which includes the process of removal of products of hydrolysis and oxidation, color and flavor including degumming, deacidification, decolorization, blenching, and deodorization to obtain high quality refined oil.


The plant availed from our company meets the national standard of the industry as we are respected in the business for our quality product. We have a wide base of loyal clients in the market those constantly boosts our business with their support. The oil refining plant we offer is used to produce various grades of oil which is effective for big oil factory. Since different oil grade have different requirement for quality and machines, the plant offers four grade of edible oil.


The procedure of oil gradation and filtration requires practical electrical interlock control system, international and domestic advanced level box chain extractor and DTC toaster. With the progress of science and technology is improving, the mechanical and electrical products we are offering is at par with the performance and development. Equipped with the latest international and domestic advanced level design blended oil pressure evaporation, it is effective for reducing the material and energy consumption.


Oil refining plant is used for wiping off or to reduce the impurities and bad smell of oil. The plant features low production cost, low environmental pollution and recycling utilization of resource. It increases the existing plant production capacity and thus, the sales increases too for the company which owns it. Adopts the most scientific oil refining equipment configuration using mechanical oil pressing technology, it is helpful for economy of scale in production to meet a lower break-even production-cost.

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oil refining plant

oil refining plantoil process plant

Winterization  and fractionation 

Big capacity edible oil process plant

Big capacity edible oil process plant

Big capacity edible oil process plant is widely used to produce Grade one and Grade two oil by big oil factory . This plant is used to produce the following oil : peanut oil ,sunflower oil,soybean oil ,rapeseed oil ,cotton seed oil ,rice bran oil etc...

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