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Oil Refining Machine

Oil Refining Machine

There are three types of the equipment, discontinuous types (less than50t/d), semicontinuous type (20-80t/d) and full continuous type (more than 30t/d). The technology and equipment can be selected as required by production scale of the customer and oil grades.

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Oil Refining Machine & Plant introduce:

Crude oil contains large amounts of various elements detrimental to human health .Against which,our company release the newest small refined equipment ,which small investment ,quick ,mo meed steam heat boilers ,but refined the same effect,the crude oil can reach international two ,three grade.Th equipment use of phosphologicals preparation of raw materials ,especially oil extraction for small and medium urban and rural households,farms ,specialized households use individual.

The oil getting from this small scale edible oil refining machine can be eaten directly.

This machine can reach the purpose of dephosphorization,degumming,deacidification,dehydration,bleaching.

It is suitable for household and small workshop.

Edible Oil Refinery machines are one of the most excellent innovations and we are the basic designers, manufacturers and exporters of the fine Plants and machines to refine the crude oil. Golden Triumph Group CO. are the unique manufacturers of edible oil who are well established in the business. Our refinery plants are specifically designed to deliver the promises made and strive even more every time.

The edible oil refinery can refine almost all types of oils but the quality of the oil depends on the type of crude oil and its chemical structure. Oil refinery with complete unique construction can provide the minimum operation costs and maximum output results. We as exporters are trusted amongst the clients as our refinery plants have always gathered positive reviews from the users and companies using them.

The plants manufactured by our company offer flexible, versatile, safe, robust and efficient products. We have supplied ample amount of plants in the business and have a great respect in the market for providing successful products and delivering the promises. We also undertake the expansion of the existing plants with modern technologies.

The professionals we are backed up with in Golden Triumph Group CO. are strong leader and dedicated workforce. The oil refining machine we offer are based on the commercially proven technologies, which are not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also cost effective.

The oil refining machine is composed of oil refining vessel, deordorizing vessel, bleaching drying vessel, soap stock vessel, crystallizing tank, filter, thermal oil boiler, vacuum system and freezing machine. Grade 1-4 oil can be produced from crude oil through degumming, deacidification, bleaching, dewaxing and deordorization.

Medium and large scale oil refining plant

Medium and large scale oil refining plant introduce:

Oil refining project learns the traditional refining with deep understanding of the different kinds process of de-mixed ,degumming ,dehyfration,deacidification ,decolorzation,dewaxing and deodorization etc .Directed towards the different kinds of oil flavor and different in physical and chemical propertied ,as well as the customers final requirements ,we make full use of a reasonable combination of various techniques, modern technology ,sophisticatied production equipment ,complemented by high standards of product requirements,to provide perfect service for you. Our oil refining meets the requirements of the different refining for domestic and international customers with advanced technology,excellent equipment ,automatic control ,excellent technical and economic indicators.

There are three types of the equipment ,discontinuous types (less than50t/d) ,semicontinuous type (20-80t/d)and full continuous type (more than 30t/d). The technology and equipment can be selected as required by production scale of the customer and oil grades .

Working processing:

oil refining plant

Using scale:

Refining crude oil:coconut oil ,soybean oil ,mustard seed oil ,cotton seed oil,sunflower seed oil ,peanut oil,rice bran oil ,safflower seed oil ,corn Germ oil ,camellia seed oil,etc

Capacity :


Oil refining plant drawing :

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During the oil press use ,there will have some problem ,At here we supply the answer to help you solve the problem. Question one: sudden stop shaft blocked Reasons: 1. New machine without running up 2. Cake too thick ,pressure too high Removal: 1. Carefully operating as using manual 2. Note motor sound and the current intensity.Read More >>


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